Sunday, 7 April 2013

Un petit plus du 7ème

Before we leave the 7ème, there are a couple more restaurants worth taking in. Au Petit Sud Ouest as the name implies is a little South West restaurant at 45, Avenue de la Bourdonnais. If you love foie gras this is most definitely the place to go. The resto itself is indeed petit but it is full of magnificence such as my absolute favourite, foie gras aux figues, smooth, rich foie gras stuffed with the sweetness of figs. It is served as customary with a crust of butter. It is nothing but decadence, the sweetness of the figs offsetting the richness of the butter and foie gras; taken with a cool glass of Jurançon and little toasts it is truly heaven. As you'd expect from a mecca of foie gras, each table has its own little toaster so you can toast your bread at your leisure. The hospitality is warm and welcoming - front of house fabulously orchestrated by madame (whose name escapes me embarrassingly.) She is everything you'd expect an elegant French woman to be. In addition to the menu which is very focused on canard, the boutique sells blocks of foie gras, confitures, and wine perfectly matched to the range.

At the Pont de l'Alma end of Avenue Rapp, is Café de l'Alma, rather more chi chi than the cute and quaint Au Petit Sud Ouest with a clientele to match. The service can be intimidating at times - one of the maître d'hôtels is quite frightening even to look at, but persevere; the food is worth it. Delicate, perfectly portioned plates with daily specials according to the seasons. The terrasse is perfectly situated to watch passersby and close to the Eiffel Tower and Musée du Quai Branly to make it a lunchtime pitstop. It has long opening hours so you might also like to stop off for a digestif in the bar or a stiff noisette with your croissants in the morning.

We may return to this end of the 7ème - there are many more great spots that spring to mind.

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