Sunday, 23 June 2013

Les Détails de Route 80

It's been a little while since my last post. I haven't been back to Paris for some time but I'll plan to go shortly where my time will be spent dining aux restos at every meal opportunity in a valiant effort to showcase more little gems of gastronomie. I's a dirty job...

In the meantime,'s clear interactive map shows route 80 and its stops. You'll see how it meanders through a variety of quartiers and arrondissements, just skirting the tourist hotspots of La Tour Eiffel and Champs-Elysées and venturing deep into le 15ème, le 10ème and the village-like 18ème. These arrondissements have so much to offer the adventurous or simply curious.  A vast number of neighbourly bistrots and cafés whose menus are impeccably crafted and executed. They're the type of places that you find yourself going back to again and again; where after a few visits you are soon welcomed as a neighbour - never too close, but civil, welcoming, hospitable. Any more and the relationship might become an obligation. It's the perfect balance.

Route 80 is one of the pampered routes of the ratp network with an articulated bus (yes, part of the fun - it's a bendy bus!) It runs late into the evening along the same route without déviation, the last départ from Mairie du 18ème at 0h30; the last départ from Porte de Versailles at 1h10. So you need not be too concerned about having to rush through dinner to catch the last bus. Restez tranquillement.

A plus!


  1. LOVE this - looking forward to hearing about your fav stops

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm hoping to get back for some research soon and hoping I can get a little help from my friends to keep it going!